Thursday, February 28, 2008

Yeah, yeah. Novelists also vote liberally, so what else is new?

Jewlicious has an interesting post about whom your favorite novelists are supporting for president. Even if I had money to burn, I could think of a million other things to spend it on other than someone's campaign, but I digress.

So, we know that something like 9 in 10 journalists donated to Democrats (which bodes well for "fair" coverage), and we know that most Hollywood types are and have always been in the tank for Democrats/socialists/communists. I'm interested in seeing who the producers (as in, the industrialists, innovators, business leaders, inventors, scientists, economists, etc.), you know, the people who we are all really dependent on for the future of this great country donate to.

I happen to believe most people who operate in the "classical" doctrines as opposed to the "romanticists" would vote more rationally, as their lives are based on facts and truths and not just emotions like swooning journalists and feeling actors happen to live off of. I know that most looters, lazy unionists, entitlement seekers, and generations of lazy intellectuals vote liberally, as in the big government, hand-out promising, even the playing-field type party. Sheesh, I did myself in 2000. Of course, at that time, I believed I was entitled a job when I graduated from college. I also believed that just because you were born, other people should provide you with free health care. Thank g-d those days are gone! I'm more interested in knowing whom the people most vital to the future of this country and the world I may add, are donating to. Screw the "people", tell me about the ones who really make a difference.

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