Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Obama supporters think he's great, don't know why exactly

OK, so Obama is (half) black and is a great orator, or at least has great speechwriters. He talks all about "Change!", though he never really explains what that means. And some people are filled with hope that he is a fresh face in our government, currently plagued by insiders, multi-term good old boys, and lifelong political hacks out of touch with the people and bent on keeping their jobs at all costs.

As Americans, we're told not to play identity politics, but to select the best person for the job. In the past, we were told not to listen to what a politician said, but to judge them on their track record and most importantly, voting record. Well, I think in Obama's case, most people are interested in listening to his fiery speeches and less concerned with his accomplishments.

A few weeks ago, we were presented with a focus group full of Obama supporters and they were asked a simple question, "What is Obama's greatest accomplishment?", to which most were left dumbstruck.

This week, we are presented with a new group of Obama supporters. You would think that they may have done their due diligence this time around. You would think...

(Hat tip HotAir.com)

Update: Worried that his supporters keep getting stumped everywhere, Obama quickly finds another way to demonstrate why he has been ranked as the most liberal Congressman in Washington, and shows us the future of our great socialist society!