Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Oscars with Stewart Bomb, Same Old Tired Show of Ingrates

Well, this Jew, for one, dislikes Jon Stewart. I think he is one of our worst examples of our people. He's somewhat funny as a comic, but his foray into politics and his choice to hide behind his comic status when pressed on his politics are pathetic. Either stand by your political convictions or just be a comic. Cutting most of Jonah Goldberg's interview when he's schooling you on his book and on politics, and using your audience to boo everything you disagree with is weak. And par for the course with Jon Stewart and half-jew, and complete idiot, Bill Maher.

Furthermore, people are tired of the Oscars and of Hollywood in general because they're tired of the snotty, rich, and clueless crowd of socialist loving, useful idiots blaming America for everything, believing in and promoting pseudo sciences, having their heads so far up ignorant politicians' asses while pretending to be anti-establishment, and then pretending to support the troops while awarding Oscars to movies that make them look like evil stormtroopers. It's a town full of amazing hypocrites, and unfortunately, many of these idiots are Jews who do more to hurt Judaism and Israel than the most vicious anti-Semites could ever dream to do.

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