Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Long haired freaky people need not apply

This article is almost 2 years old, but as pertinent as ever now that the election season is upon us.

Hamburg - Eric Clapton, 60, has criticised politically inspired concerts such as Live 8 and said he had "mixed feelings" towards the initiators Bono and Bob Geldof, according to a German magazine.

"I ask myself if musicians ought to act like politicians," said the guitarist, as quoted in the interview in the weekly Stern.

"They're only musicians," he said, questioning where they gained the authority to give speeches. He said that Bono was spending a large amount of his time telling world politicians they were wrong.

Clapton was quoted saying he had not liked Geldof telling the prime minister of Canada to stay away from a concert because he had not been following policies Geldof favoured.

If you are a musician, actor, painter, poet, artist, etc., I am not interested in your political opinion. I'm happy you have one, albeit, probably filtered through the echo chamber you exist in, but I don't value it and would rather you performed your art without telling me to go vote, go green, or to go get bent.

It seems my wish will never come true, so in that case, we need to make the most of it and enjoy the brilliance as it is released. So why stop now, when 50 Cent would like to shower us with genius:

Did you hear that? "I'm not sure that America is ready for a black president, THEY might kill him." Surely he means the Clintons. It's not like they haven't snuffed out people before. That's a very long list. Is Snopes positive they're all false? Either way, probability would say that even if you are associated with them, you have a pretty good chance of getting shot.

Follow this link for some great comments. Some of my favorites:

"I always find it amusing when part of the problem tries to be part of the solution. - ThePrez"

"He just had to throw in his two bit opinion - William Amos"

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Robby G said...

I can't believe he called him a pinhead at the end. I don't like 50 cent myself but he's sure ain't a pinhead. He's gotten quite far in his career, and anyone on that status is sure as hell not a pinhead.