Friday, February 22, 2008

Poetic Justice

Good. I [expletive deleted :)] hate communists more than scurvy. Especially, rich, talentless hacks who want to be socialists while buying and owning more property than the entire Cuban population could pool together to afford, generating more free-market based income than most socialist states' GDP combined, and speaking out against the government as if it's a nightly ritual. Move to Cuba. Move to Venezuela. Move to North Korea. Move to China (well, kind of). Just move away and take your collectivist nonsense and your stupid Che T-shirts with you. Let the substandard physicians re-use needles and IVs on you after waiting in line for four days. [expletive deleted :)].


James said...

Now don't sugar coat it... tell me how you *really* feel :-)

Alexander said...

Yeah, I feel bad for swearing, I'm going to censor myself. By the way, I read your post on health care and will comment.