Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Obama Hearts Socialism!

In a desperate ploy to build a track record of his own, Barack Obama is co-sponsoring a bill (S.1945) also known as the Patriot Corporation Act. Based on the subjective opinions of some bureaucrats, unions, and other partisan NGOs, corporations can be deemed patriotic or unpatriotic if they follow the "advice" set forth by this committee.

Apparently, Obama is already trying to strong arm businesses into taking his advice. In the case of Tesco, the parent company of a chain of grocery stores, Obama and his committee are mandating that this chain open stores in low income neighborhoods. Excuse me if I need to remind everyone in what country we live. As far as I know, to this day, businesses in the US are in business to make money, not to provide services to the people for the sake of the "greater good". I suggest Obama visit a couple of failed communist states to see where this path leads.

What's funny, is that this is yet another eerily familiar sign of the degradation of America that Ayn Rand alludes to in Atlas Shrugged back in the 50s when she wrote it. Not to spoil the book for my friends that sadly haven't read it yet, but when government mandates business, everyone suffers. Businesses are forced to operate at a loss, (as in why many larger chains moved out of low income neighborhoods in the first place), and eventually, they can not operate at a loss any longer, and go out of business.

It's not Obama's nor anyone else in the government's choice or authority to mandate where businesses should operate and it's only the market and the business whom hold the keys to their destiny. It's bad enough the US has the highest corporate taxes in the world, and now this? And this dictator is running for president? Sheesh. Yep, get ready for change alright. As in socialism. As in do you have change for this food stamp?

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Jon said...

Atlas Shrugged is a Great book! Your totally right when you say that when government controls business, they start to fail.