Friday, February 29, 2008

Nepotistic Useful Idiot Tool Reaches Final Destination: Token

You may remember this idiot from his interview or shall I say, intellectual ass kicking, at the hands of Ayaan Hirsi Ali, back when he had a very tiny show on the CBC that eventually was canceled, well, because it sucked. Since he hasn't had a job mommy or daddy could find for him in socialist Canada, he took the one that has been vacant for quite some time, or at least since Benny Morris rejected it; token Jew propagandist for Al Jazeera English Edition. Avi is a great example of why I can't possibly be an ethnocentrist, no mater how hard I try.

Asked if Al Jazeera Arabic’s reputation for airing terrorist propaganda played into his decision, Mr. Lewis said the question is “absolutely hilarious.”

“What’s the allegation? That Al Jazeera aired [Osama] bin Laden videos? So did CNN, FOX and everybody else,” he said. “I know that Al Jazeera is a favourite target of nationalist right-wingers in the United States, but as a journalist, I like to judge things on the evidence.”

Journalist. Yeah. As much as Al Gore is a Scientist, I'm sure.

If you need a reminder of the kind of poor and extremely biased journalism people have been growing tired of, look no further than this interview.

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