Thursday, January 10, 2008

Are you ready for change?

This post is actually an email response to my friend and in-law, with whom I've had many intelligent debates regarding one Ron Paul, The Only Man Whom Can Save America!

His email is below and my response follows. Names have been removed to protect the un-indited co-conspirators:
Well your blogger buddys have accomplished there mission. No more Ron
Paul. Wow we don't even get to here his name in the news. Love this
process. Say something different and wow, people try and silence you.
Novel concept. Obama is kicking Ass! I love it. Change is coming.
Are you ready?


As my favorite author, and a true Libertarian, Ayn Rand, once said something to the effect of: "The First Amendment wasn't created as a right for you to walk around saying stupid things".

Do you ever think it had less to do with others and more to do with the dumb things Ron Paul said? I tend to give people more credit than that. I think it has a lot less to do with conspiracies and a lot more to do with people listening to him and his ideas and deciding that he wasn't a realistic candidate. Sure he has a right to believe that overnight, we should do away with every institution or department the government ever created (some of which should actually be removed), or he has a right to believe that Iran has no army, navy, nor air-force, and he certainly has a right to accept blood money from racists and anti-Semites, but what right is it exactly, that a candidate with less than 10% of the popular vote in polling, has to have equal billing and equal time to talk as people who are legitimate contenders and whom the majority of people (viewers of a publically owned news business I may add, unlike most nationalized propaganda rags in these other backward countries some envy) would rather listen to - since their ideas, albeit non-contrarian, lame, and trite - are what will most likely determine whom the next president of this country will be...

Ron Paul has every right to run for president and spout unrealistic, misinformed, and in most cases, completely ignorant ideas, just as Fox News or CNN has every right not to invite him to waste other's and my time. I get it. I've heard him speak. It left me underimpressed and worried; mostly because I think about all of the people out there that actually buy his crap. Please don't tell me that libertarians out there actually think the government should mandate his right to be broadcast?

And yes, I'm ready for "change", whatever that means. Things are always changing, every 2 years in our country, at least in government. I watch the markets too, and those change every few seconds. There is no stagnation in this country, except in our media and with all of our political rhetoric. Besides, I can't stand bumper sticker prophesies nor people's people. Obama, with his inexperience, nanny state advocacy, and unrealistic talking points will surely change this country. He'll first start by upping my income tax, my capital gains tax, my business taxes, and anywhere else he can find money to take from the thinkers and doers and give to the un-entitled and undeserving. Yeah, no thanks. I like to keep what I earn and choose my own health providers when and as I choose. And no, I don't think there is anything greater than the pursuit of my own happiness with my own morality as a virtue. When this country turns into the Peoples State of America like every other failed socialist system in Europe, I'll be ready for change: change of location to start a new America, away from the dump Obama, Hillary, Paul, Huckabee, etc., envision.

This country wasn't built by messianic politicians nor populists, nor artists, nor the "people" or "society", whomever that means. It was built by thinkers, innovators, inventors, industrialists, and legal immigrants who didn't escape their country looking for a handout, but a free system where government and comrades stayed out of their way long enough for them to achieve their dreams and goals, and as a byproduct, they made life easier for all of the undeserving huddled masses, including me. Did they owe it to "us"? Did having intelligence and the wherewithal to create greatness exact upon them the responsibility to provide for the lazy, intransigent, uneducated, and weak? Or did the greatness of a free market make these inventions available for those that wished to pursue and trade their earned income for? I tend to think the latter myself, and I know this is why my family lives here today, rather than all of the other countries on Earth. If you want to know why and how America became the best and strongest country in the world, it's because we made our own way and forged a path away from Europe, not because we tried to become more like the places we left or felt guilty that they didn't like us for achieving success and greatness that they could never have. Am I ready for change? Sure. Onward and forward, not backward please.


Computer Ninja said...

OBAMA 2008!!!

But wait, the highway "homemade" banner said I'll get to keep my paycheck if I vote for Ron Paul (rEVOLution)?

Alexander said...

What paycheck? If Crazy Uncle Paul is elected, you won't receive a paycheck. You'll carry home gold coins in a bag, which will fit nicely into any pop machine coin slot. Yup, throw away your checkbook and credit cards, you won't be needing those when we go back to the gold standard. Of course, I wonder how organizations like PayPal will function under the rEVOLution? Yeah, the old crazy uncle has some funny ideas for our country, and his understanding of history and foreign policy is flawed to say the least, but some of his Paulian followers are simply rEVOLting!