Friday, January 18, 2008

The Anti-Paul Cabal orchestrate more magic to silence him!

Well, well. Since Ron Paul has so many rEVOLutionary ideas, he's being silenced, some say. Silenced in what way exactly?

Just what anti-Paul genius was able to infiltrate his way into the campaign long enough to help schedule RonPaulapalooza and invite notorious anti-Semitic band Poker Face to headline (and destroy what's left of Ron's integrity)? Brilliant!!

Damn, and all this time, here I am on my little blog trying to silence Ron Paul while all the while, we've got people on the inside doing much, much better work!

1 comment:

Computer Ninja said...

Heh heh, Alex. You spend way too much time on political garb.... then again, I spend too much time on all sorts of garb...