Friday, October 26, 2007

2007: "The Year the Global Warming Fears Began to Crumble"

And it's about damned time too! I've been talked down to by pseudo-scientists and hypocritical activists for so long, I've actually increased my energy usage and look forward to surfing in the East Bay. I'm providing two clips for your amusement that I watched over at I highly recommend them and the site.

The first of which is a great piece by 20/20's skeptic, John Stossel:

The second is where the title of this post comes from, Senator James Inhofe (whom I do not endorse in any way nor know much about his voting record) speaks on capital Hill about the Global Warming Alarmists and calls them out direct:

I'm a pretty, pretty, pretty big Larry David fan, and I know he was recently divorced from Laurie David, whom Inhofe mentions above. This season's first episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm started with a flood that forced the Black family (that's their last name :)) from their home and they end up coming and living with Larry. In that episode, he directly blames the flooding on "global warming" in a very comical and sarcastic way. Exit Question: I'm wondering if this was a little poke at his ex-wife and her beliefs?

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