Friday, June 22, 2007

Wax on; Wax off

I know, yet another new blog. Fourth or so attempt and sorely lacking the sticktoitiveness that it takes to make this worth its while. But I digress while you count the cliches I lay forth.

I've been thinking a lot about journalists and journalism lately, its methods and mission, and I'm interested in when the lines between factual reporting and editorial writing were first blurred, or better yet, if objective journalism has ever existed. I know this is a trite subject, but I plan on researching this further. Stay tuned for more on that history.

I, for one am tired of the self-righteous and indignant tone of evening news, in whatever political format, with what's wrong with the world and primarily this country, and the constant guilt, dread, and futility I am offered coupled with overly optimistic advertising drizzled in between. Yes, that's all to be expected, nothing new here. The part that irks me is the absolute moral authority card they try to pawn on me, like the Leonardo DiCaprio man crush incident at the Oscars a few months back. I guess news anchors, as well as other people in the media would like to believe that their word is "undebatable". I think of the immense ego you must possess to want to be known by most of the world's television viewing or Internet savvy audience, and it starts to make sense how these people can't possibly be wrong. And what, with all this attention, why not make the world a better place, damn it! Well, at least in your image.


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