Monday, June 25, 2007

Psychological Playtime at Myspace

So, I clicked on a link to some Troofer video at Myspace and commented. For any of you that don't know, a Troofer or Truther as they call themselves, believe that our own government was behind 911. Yes, I know, shithouse rat crazy I say. But more on that in a minute. Well, my comments must have irritated some Troofers because they decided to start visiting my page and leaving comments and messages. So then I changed my motto to "Teach 911 Troofers Physics and Chemistry" which alludes to the fact that Rosanne Bar, oops, sorry, Rosie O'Donnell doesn't believe that fire can melt steel :), and that a plane's wings should, um, most definitely, penetrate 10 feet of reinforced concrete! Duh! It's a no brainer! Anyway, in response to my new motto, a Troofer from Minnesota (whom I'm sure is probably a nice person with good intentions but with some serious naivete), left me a message, which I decided to answer here, in my own way:

Troofer said:
Subject: "so if you know all this"
Message: "teach me physics and chemistry then. although i look at all evidence from both sides, why cant we see 1 of the 80 cameras that would have shown the entire plane hitting the pentagon. the security in the area was high even before 9/11 and it sure wouldnt be still framed like the only video we have."

To which I responded:
Just because you don't have answers for a question at a certain time doesn't mean you won't get them later on through due diligence, research, testing, and scientific reasoning. The worst possible logical conclusion, is to hurry to connect dots just for the sake of connecting them and creating assumptions based on emotional, antiestablishmentarian values that teach you that our government is comprised of the most evil, diabolical villains the world has seen.

My parents and I escaped from a country (the USSR) that frequently disappeared dissidents, assassinated people openly in the streets and had neighbors turn in other neighbors for no reason other than the fear that someone would turn them in. This same government destroyed all of its natural resources without a care in the world, murdered its own citizens to support a failed ideology (Communism), and endangered the world by trying to hide the fact that one of its nuclear reactors had a meltdown.

I've seen evil and I've studied government conspiracies, and this is not one. A democratic government, elected by the people such as here in the US, would never undermine its own economy, stature, security, and certainly not murder its brightest and best (some of whom worked for or with the same government) just to create the pretenses for launching a war against another country; which was managed pathetically (hint, hint). On top of that, we have a culture of whistle-blowers and the most investigative news media of all time, practically begging and paying for leaks to accuse the government of foul play.

Certainly, if any of the things Troofers believe to be true, notwithstanding the assumption that steel can not be melted - as if I-beams are farmed whole from out of the ground - the media would have been on top of it long before Alex Jones or some other lifelong conspiracy nutcase had bothered to calculate some nefarious Zionist plot to blame it on.

Lastly, aren't you the same people that think our government is run by a chimp and idiot who can't even hide Gitmo or Abu Ghraib and can't manage a war worth a shit, and yet these same buffoons are able to orchestrate the single most dastardly and secretive attack that the United States has seen thus far and hide it until now? Come on... You can't have it both ways. Were there things we knew before 911 that we could have acted upon? Certainly. But was our own government complicit in the wholesale murder of its own citizens? Most definitely not and anyone who thinks so should be psychologically evaluated or sent to a Chinese reeducation camp. At least there, they would see real evil for the first times in their lives.

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Stan said...

What I don't understand is why these people stay here. I mean, if I honestly believed that my government was pulling tricks like 9/11 and throwing innocent people in gitmo.. Well, I'ld be scared shitless. I would be on the plane *out*. Kind of like Alex Baldwin, only for real.