Thursday, August 28, 2008

Standing in lines: get used to it.

No picture could better foreshadow an Obama presidency than this one from Zombie, whom is liveblogging from the DNC in its unique fashion. Honestly, it's a little bizarre, aside from the faux Airforce One and Greek Temple of Oneness from which his holiness spoke.

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If people are this forgiving - having to wait in a 2 mile plus line to see their Messiah speak and make promises with no track record to back up his claims - then why not expect that they won't mind facing lines at the pump, in the ER, in a government building, or anywhere else affected by Barack's many suggested limits, rations, and mandates.

There's a funny scene in one of my favorite movies, Moscow on the Hudson, where Robin Williams' character Vladimir sees a line forming around the block of a store in Moscow and asks someone rushing to get into it, "what product do they have?" The lady laughs and says, "Who cares?" Whatever it was, was out of the ordinary, something there was never enough of, and considered a luxury. It could have been toilet paper or paperclips but for them, it was something their neighbor didn't have.

I've heard nearly every speaker at the DNC dropping choice socialist jargon like "level the playing field", "for the common good", "evil corporations", "fair, fairness, fair", etc. On their face, they sound like righteous goals, but when you put bureaucrats in charge of legislating those ideals, "the people" suffer, that is, the people who didn't consider themselves victims before the legislation was proposed.


Anonymous said...

I am very scared of what will happen if BHO wins. Very very scared.

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