Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Line me up and pull the trigger, cuz I'm ready to die! UPDATE: Mugabe or Die!

I was trying to take a respite from posting for a while to catch up with some work and travel, but I could not resist posting this ridiculous incident from the recent BET Awards for all of my liberal friends who consider the Messiah as the next best thing since Disposable Wipes.

As I may have said publicly or written before, I'm less concerned by Obama himself, given his history of throwing every person, position, and idea he held dear under the bus as soon as it proved politically expedient. (So much for the "New Type of Politics" I guess.) No, I'm more concerned with his legions of ignorant, irresponsible, and in many cases, hateful followers, for whom the idea of an inexperienced, BUT Black President, is of utmost importance, above say, a viable energy policy, success in Iraq, or even a lessening of the polarization that this country has experienced in the last decade.

Case in point: P Diddy, Puffy, or Sean Combs at the BET Awards, altering his original illogical motto of "Vote or Die!" into "Obama or Die!". Seriously P, tell us how you really feel!

And while we're on the subject of open-minded, objective, and well informed celebrities who know what real patriotism is and what's good for us "little people", here's Will Smith showing the love to our European friends, of whom we desperately need nothing more than to be liked:

Update: I was wondering why the chant sounded so familiar: "Mugabe or Die!" Oh, the bitter-sweet irony!

Also: Forgot to mention the Hat-tip to where they link to the South Park episode that fits in real well with today's motto...

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Anonymous said...

Let's remember these two asses are famous for making words rhyme. They embody everything that is wrong with this country. I would not expect anything different from "rappers". It is because of intellectual dilution in this country that these people are even famous. Let's make P Diddy President, Will Smith V.P., and while we are at it; Paris Hilton for Secretary of Defense. Unfortunately the overwhelming population of idiots in this country would vote for that ticket by a large margin.