Thursday, April 10, 2008

America's new Nazi Hunter: Barack Obama?

Don't worry American Jews, Barack's got your back! Even with anti-Semitism overflowing in his church, in his inner circle, and amongst his supporters, Barack says "nobody has spoken out more fiercely on the issue of anti- Semitism than I have." Yeah, and nobody has spoken out more fiercely on the issue of racism than Michael Richards, I'm sure.


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Adrifazz said...

Now, let's really talk about Bad Behavior.

Alexander said...


Ick. I tried but I couldn't get through 5 minutes of that asinine bullshit. First off, the movie is sponsored by the Tides Foundation, a very partisan and dishonest outfit funded by America's favorite self-hating Jew and anti-American asshole, George Soros.

Second, this clip is anti-government, anti-corporate, anti-human (the want to control population size of course), pro-global warming myth, and anti-truth. It's comprised of a bunch of partial facts that try to throw in all of the usual leftist/environmentalist talking points that lead to one point: humans, especially Americans, are evil and need to be disposed of.

Screw that and screw that annoying fuzzy, sensitive author too. In fact, this movie makes me want to buy a bigger SUV, a bigger house, more stuff, and to hope that my corporation is someday the victim of one of these attack ads. I can't wait!

So tell Ted Turner that I'll spring for the bullets so he can mitigate his own children's effects on our environment and remind Michael Moore and Algore that they consume more food and gas than the entire nation of Burma. Thanks for your input. :)

Alexander said...


I didn't know who you were when I responded so I'm sorry if I was curt. Now I know! :) Normally, you have to identify yourself or I just expect it to be some random, naive liberal pushing Soros funded propaganda across the internet as part of some orchestrated action point.

Watching trash like that reminds me of why I'm lucky that my parents were brave and smart enough to leave the FSU and come here, so I can choose to consume, rather than be consumed by the state and it's plans for "the greater good", stomping on the individual (as evil) in order to benefit the people (as good), while in reality, making life hell for all and taking everything for themselves.

Make no mistake about it, these faux environmentalists (real environmentalists are worse and look down at these half steppers) and these pure earthly socialists want to take us in the same direction as the dictators of the countries we fled. They want to limit progress, innovation, technology, industry, growth, and freedom (my choice to choose what I drive, where I live, how I consume, what I consume, etc.) and put a people's state in charge of regulating and limiting those actions, all for the benefit of everything not human. They think we're a parasite on this earth and they are dangerously delusional. The road to hell is paved with good intentions, and you will pass many an environmentalist on the way there, I can assure you of that.

Please, please tell me you don't buy into this garbage!

LanceThruster said...

Yeah, because nothing says "Protecting US interests" like making sure Israel can happily continue their apartheid system flush with American dollars.

Alexander said...

Hey goatthruster, or un-tenured and disgraced self-hating Jew professor Norman Finklestein, whomever you are...

Thanks for following me over from What happened? Since your tenure was rejected, you've found a lot of time to stalk Jewish bloggers all over the internet?

First off, thanks for your opinion. While I don't respect it, agree with it, nor think it makes any sense at all, I'll leave it up as a testament to you, since it will be your last, at least at this address.

This is my personal blog, and personally, I don't have time to bother with chumps like you and your ilk. So take your anti-semitic and/or self-hating Jew theories on Israel and on life, and shove them up your ass, where they belong. And that's about the nicest and most open-minded thing I'm going to tell you, because if you think you will pop in here from time to time and drop your "wisdom", I'll let you know that I will delete whatever you or your sock puppet "goatthruster" character leave behind. Got that?

You see, I consider anti-semites like you similar to rabid dogs. You don't talk to or reason with them, you put them out of their misery. In this case, your foul thoughts won't clog up the comments section in this blog because they are not worthy of my time nor of the readership. You've been warned so proceed to waste your time here by all means.