Thursday, March 6, 2008

Czech Republic President Vaclav Klaus Compares Global Warming Movement to the New Communism

This is Part 1 of 2 interviews. I will post the second one when it comes out. The topic is similar, but different, as the president talks about why there are more Marxist (idiots) in Berkeley, California than in the entire country of the Czech Republic. It has to do with experiencing the horrors of Communism and the pathetic nature of Socialism that people disassociate themselves from it, while in the US, the counter-culture believes in the idealistic, Utopian view of forms of government that have been proven as failures. Poor naive fools. That's why I always say, go live in a place that has nationalized health care first before believing the liars like Michael Moore and the ignorant like Hillary and Obama.

In this interview, he explains why the Global Warming Alarmists are the new socialists, trying to hamper democracy, freedom, productivity, capitalism, and overall, human progress. The 60's are over. The "revolution" failed, and now they need some other way of sticking it to "the man".

I've always had an interest, admiration, and empathy for Czechs since reading a lot of Milan Kundera, but this guy is my new hero:

UPDATE: More hero worship here!


Anonymous said...

You are a living proof that however stupid the Berkeley pinkos may be, they will always be beaten in the idiocy game by that truly unique American species: an illiterate and clueless self-proclaimed anticommunist asshole.

Alexander said...


Thanks for your opinion. Please feel free to expand on your premise that I am an illiterate and clueless self-proclaimed anticommunist asshole. I'd like to know your justification, otherwise I'll consider this just an opinionated attack by an illiterate and clueless self-proclaimed pro-communist asshole. Did I mention that communists and the people that support them are assholes?

JC said...

Man-made global warming is the biggest scam in modern history, and thankfully the tides are turning and it is being exposed more and more every day.