Wednesday, September 12, 2007

9/11 and Blogging

So yesterday, on 9/11, I spent the day reading, watching, and listening to as much as I could about the tragedy, as I have done for the last five years, as my personal duty to keep fresh in my memory what sheer evil exists in the world. I had so much to say yesterday but not nearly as much as I wanted to learn. Not feeble or self-defeating arguments like "Why Do They Hate Us?" No, I'm afraid if you are still asking that, you never will learn.

I was and am still interested in the emotions that the victims of the terrorist attacks felt at those long, terrifying moments, how they dealt with fear and reason in all that confusion and mayhem, and how they were ever able to put the pieces back together again. I wanted to learn about every individual story of survival and loss, and understand who these brave people -many of whom walked right into certain death to save others - were, and to pay my respects by keeping their stories of heroism and sorrow alive for at least my lifetime. I don't think we'll ever forget 9/11. I do think we'll forget what people felt and did that day and the weeks following, and how Americans, especially New Yorkers, came together to grieve and talk, and share in this national, if not global tragedy.

Well, in my search for more and more footage of New York during that time, I ran across footage from two documentaries that I have to see in entirety: 9/11 and 7 Days in September

As I was checking out 7 Days footage at the website (Click on Videos in the header - frames, grrr.), I ran across one of the most incredible and inspiring pieces of documentary footage that I've ever seen. It's long and you MUST watch it all the way through, but I think you will see that this footage captures those feelings that I mentioned above. After seeing this, I had to share this with everyone I hold dear, and what better way than through a public blog! :)

P.S. If you pay close attention to some of the real life players in this drama, you will notice Sabina Sciubba of the Brazilian Girls, a band I have been completely addicted to for the past year, involved in the debate. More on that later....


Peter said...

Nice post.

I watched a show on CNN (gasp) the other night called "God's Warriors". Talked about suicide bombers and fundamentalist Muslims. Even went into a story about an American jew that converted to Islam, but quickly found that the mosque he was a part of in Oregon was a terror cell that got indicted in 2004. He left the faith and wrote a book about it. I don't recall who it was or what the book was, but I'm sure you could google Jew becoming Muslim.

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

Alexander said...

Hey Peter, thanks for posting! The "show" you watched was propaganda and an excersize in moral relevatism. Here's a great response to it from MSNBC:

And here's more info on that as well:

Alexander said...

Damn, forgot to spell check! :)

Alexander said...

Read up on Daveed. Can't really trust someone that jumped religions twice though, especially not someone who leaves the best one :). Maybe he should have taken a few years off of college to "go find himself". I guess I'm not a person that needs to believe in something so badly, I have to jump ship, so to speak. Especially, when in the end, they worship the same g-d. Yes, I know that's up for debate too.